junio 2024
25 de junio de 2024

Periódico Escolar Virtual


Este es un escrito hecho por un estudiante del grado noveno como parte del desarrollo de la programación de área y un aporte del departamento al proyecto del Periódico Virtual.

En esta ocasión, todas las secciones del grado noveno debieron realizar una consulta sobre un evento interesante del siglo XXI, una vez realizada la búsqueda,  redactaron un «diario personal del pasado», un hecho ficticio basado en la vida real, ellos eran los protagonistas de las situaciones, con esto la transversalidad se aplica de una manera súper creativa.

En este escrito, el estudiante Reinel Viana de la sección 903, se presenta como un estudiante de arquitectura que tuvo que vivir la tragedia del 11 de septiembre del 2001, la caída de las torres gemelas.


Victoria Consuelo Rodríguez.

Docente de inglés




That day was a normal day, there was nothing special, but in fact, that day was unforgettable because it happened one of the worst tragedies in the USA.

It was the 11th of September 2001. I was studying, I had to develop an architecture project for my teacher. On the way to the university, I saw the two great twin towers. My dream was to build something as magnificent as the two great towers there, that is why I have worked hard in my studies as an architect. When I arrived at the classroom, I saw my professor with a manager who works in the two twin towers. He was there because my teacher asked him to let us visit one of the twin towers to learn about its structure and construction.

When I heard what my teacher said I was excited, I couldn’t think of anything else other than the twin towers, I arrived home very excited and shouted: “Grandma, grandma! Guess what?!”, she answered very worried, “tell me son, what’s wrong? why did you suddenly arrive so happy?” I told her where we would go the following week. What I didn’t know was that it would be the worst decision ever made.

The long-awaited day arrived; I remember that at 5:00 am I was already ready.  I couldn’t be more excited, we should meet at the university then, we would go

to the twin towers, we were divided into 4 groups, each group had a guide and 10 students.

The tour began from the south tower, the guide was explaining us how its construction and structure were made up, I was amazed, since I was a child I have always been interested in construction, creating plans to build large buildings, suddenly, I heard a loud noise, I felt the floor shaking, I heard people shouting, when I looked out the window, I saw the north tower was collapsing, a plane had hit it, at that moment the elevators stopped and we were there. On the highest floor of the building, they did not give us information about what we should do. About 20 minutes passed and we were still there waiting. Somebody told us that it was best to stay calm. At that moment, a supervisor arrived shouting, “Come down, everyone come down, we have to get out.of here”  we ran to the emergency stairs but it didn’t take long until I felt like I was flying out of the place, I fainted, when I woke up I only saw rubble and dust my companions were very badly injured my leg was broken, I was in pain, but there was no one who could help us, only there were astonished people, we weren’t on the floor where the impact happened but we still suffered a lot of damage, almost most of my companions were unconscious. As best as I could I crawled towards the stairs while I was crawling down, I saw a person and I screamed for  help, it was my teacher who was closer to the place  where the accident happened, as soon as he saw me he helped me and we both went down, my teacher was also very injured, we could only saw people screaming or without lives, it was a miracle that we were alive, when I went down to the bottom floor I fell down unconscious. When I woke up I was bandaged and lying on a stretcher and next to me it was my grandmother, the doctor explained me what happened to twin towers, he told me that many of my classmates have died, my teacher was fine since he did not suffer much damage but the lives that were lost that day were many. I still remember those images in my mind of what happened that day, many people lost their family and loved ones. It was a day of sadness and loss for many of us.  I’m still grateful to be alive to now tell you about my sad story.


 Presented by: Reinel Viana Rendón